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The Digital Hoof Tester and Digital Hoof Gauge


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Digital Hoof Tester

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The Digital Hoof Tester™ measures the sensitivity of a horse’s hoof just as any other hoof tester would, the main difference, however, is that the this is the world's first fully digital hoof tester, able to measure the hardness of your horse's hoof to a very exact degree. 

Ontrack Equine

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ONTRACKEQUINE is documentation software that has been developed specifically for the equine industry. It is like no other software presently on the market. More detailed information about all the ONTRACKEQUINE functions can be found in the help file which can be downloaded from here.


Digital Hoof Gauge

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The Digital Hoof Gauge™ accurately measures the angle of a horse's hoof up to .01th of a degree. It's rugged, waterproof and collapsible making it perfect for your tool box.